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iPhone Repair Lehigh Valley: It Breaks, We Fix It!

Everyone has accidents and we're here to pick up the pieces! iPhone Repair in the Lehigh Valley is as easy as walking into our Allentown or Bethlehem location where our team can complete most repairs while you wait. iPhone screen cracked? We'll have you in, out, and on with your life in 30 minutes or less. Below you'll find our locations, contact numbers, and even the ability to pay for your repair or take advantage of our award winning mail-in repair service.

Work in Downtown Allentown?

Did you know that we offer complimentary services and discounts for the 14,000 office workers within reach of our Downtown Allentown location? Think of it as our gift to you. We've been a part of downtown Allentown for the better half of a decade and the revitalization is something to be extremely proud of. If you are on your lunch break or pressed for time, please let the technician know and we can arrange delivery of your iPhone upon completion. If your business utlizes a fleet of iPhones and iPads contact our sales team for bulk repair discounts and even deployment services.

Allentown Mobile Genius
801 W Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA 18101

Bethlehem Mobile Genius
7 West 4th Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015

iPhone Repair Services, Pricing, & Online Ordering:

iPhone Screen Repair Is Much More Advanced Than You May Think.

Technology can be extremely complex and iPhone repairs are becoming even more of a delicate, almost manufacturing process. Gone are the early days (iPhone 3G, 3GS) of simply slapping a piece of glass onto the phone and the device is fixed. iPhones utilize a patented Retina Display (Apple's version of HD quality), Samsung uses their super OLED (LED versus and LCD) and other manufacturers have all joined the HD brigade.

So, What Does This Mean?

New high-end smartphones with HD screens need to have the display as close to the glass as possible in order to take advantage of this great picture quality. So how does the glass attach to the LCD? In order to accomplish this manufacturers must glue the glass to the display (LCD or OLED), and we're not talking about super glue.

Manufacturers use a clear optical glue to hold the glass touchscreen and the LCD (display) together. This glue provides extremely high quality displays, amazing touch sensitivity, and protection from dust or debris entering into the display. There are two types manufacturers utilize: liquid and film. Some places that repair iPhone screens and even Galaxy screens are heating this glue to up to 200 degrees, replacing the glass only, and returning your device at a fraction of the cost of original replacement parts. There are a few problems with this type of screen repair:

1.  Apple nor Samsung produce a replacement part of glass only. This means any repair shop replacing only the glass screen are using a counterfeit piece of glass and are subject to closure by authorities as some mall repair kiosks are encountering now.
2. Those repair shops that are taking this risk of using counterfeit parts aren't using the process that the manufacturer uses, instead they are using nothing at all or a liquid glue cured under UV light resulting in low performance and even more issues down the road.
3. Most are using a double sided adhesive to attach the glass to the edges only, leaving your device unsealed from the elements leading to a future of dust particles in between the glass and your stunning HD picture.

Either of these scenarios results in either: a low quality screen repair or a repair that fails other components a few months down the road. On the other hand these repair shops are raking in the profit by using (most of the time) a $4 piece of counterfeit glass screen and charging you over $100. We choose quality over profit and rely on educating our customers of these types of repairs. While we can't compete with their prices simply due to the fact original parts are extreme expensive you can guarantee that you'll never to have to pay twice for a repair. We use replacement parts directly from the manufacturer and we stand behind our services with a 1 year warranty on both parts and labor.

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Did you know we accept School PO's for iPad repairs? We'll even pick up, repair, and deliver. All on us.

Pickup & Delivery for Lehigh Valley schools and businesses only, all other clients utilize 1 day shipping. All schools and businesses are assigned their own sales representative. Scalable plans from simple iPad repair, to complete mobile device management and deployment services are available.

Lehigh Valley Repair Locations

Allentown Mobile Genius
801 W Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA 18101

Bethlehem Mobile Genius
7 West 4th Street
Bethlehem, PA 18101


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